Nov. 8th, 2004


Nov. 8th, 2004 03:31 pm
Secret Snowflake Update. Strangely, very little has changed from last year.

I Love:
Western anything, cowboy or cowgirl anything,
creepy little paintings (I want a Tennenbaum-like wall someday)
kid's books, YA and picture. Especially old ones with dust jackets

music, music, music (I am willing to give anything a try, but I personally need more garage rock, more indie rock, more sugary pop, more motown, more alt-country, more old-time country, more of YOUR local bands, more singer /songwriter. Currently on my band wishlist is: Old Jackson Brown, Judee sills, The Scientists, Old canes, the Kooks, Tilly and the Wall, The Lilys, Human Television, more Springsteen.) My two favorite genres are Old country and sweet, sweet twee. I am a pretty big music fan, but I have a lot of holes in my knowledge because Sacramento has always had such a great scene that I mostly go see local bands. I actually know very little about any music between 1992-2003.

Yarn & knitting stuff (patterns, etc.)
handmade whatever
smells: citrus, sandlewood, neroli, lavender, rosemary, herby scents, bergamont
taking baths
Orange, pink, sky blue,
cheese (not that you have to do anything about that)
handmade things incorporating candy.
new crafting ideas,
old movies
anything to do with Western history (esp. Nevada & Montana)
cool bottle caps (especially from your local brewery)
riding my bike (could use a few more reflectors....)
good books
things made out of other things.
I love bright things to put on my feet. (Meaning socks, or tights or legwarmers.)
My dog love toys!
I love love tea, especially Earl Grey.

Other things:
My ears are constantly cold in the winter & I lose about 3 pairs of ear muff slash headbands slash hats every year.

I am going through a "green" stage, so I am really into things that have been recycled and things that have a minimum impact on the planet.

I am a thrift store junkie.

Tori Amos (sorry, but it's true)
Things that smell like food, but aren't. (exceptions: citrus, coconut)
Blanket statements
racism, sexism
The current administration
cold feet.



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